Roots of Reform Judaism promotes the progressive spiritual values and traditions of our American Reform Jewish heritage as the vibrant inspiration for contemporary Jewish life, liturgy, and worship.


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The Union Prayer Book

The Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Revised is a contemporary language, gender-neutral liturgy for Reform congregations wishing to maintain the historic worship traditions of our Movement. Preserving the texts and liturgy of the 1940 Union Prayer Book, the Sinai edition embraces the recent developments in Jewish liturgical responses to contemporary realities, a heightened awareness of inclusive language, and a recognition of the spiritual challenges of the transforming events of Jewish history in this generation.


Available in paperback (click the button below to order) as well as an eBook  in TunesKindle, and Google Play stores. 

The New Union Hagaddah

This award-winning revision of “the little grey book” used by generations of American Reform Jews.  It has been acclaimed for the blending of the traditional prayers, readings, and songs with the distinctive original Art Deco design and new, contemporary artwork created especially for this edition.